Eninew Darkness Lyrics: Most Famous Singer In Allmost Country Eninew New Song Was Darkness From The Album Called "Music To Be Murdered By" This Song was Sung By Eninem and Lyrics Of Darkness Was written By Eninem. Music Video Was Produced By Luis Resto And Eninem.

Eminem Darkness Lyrics - Eninem Song

Song- Eninem
Album- Music To Be Murdered By
Lyrics- Eninem
Launguage- English
Produced- Eninem And Luis Resto
Released-  17 January 2020
Label- EninemMusic

Eminem Darkness Lyrics - Eninem Song

I don't wanna be alone
I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be alone
In the darkness
I don't wanna be alone
In the darkness
I don't wanna be alone
In the darkness anymore

Here I am, alone again
Can't get out of this hole I'm in
It's like the walls are closin' in
You can't help me, no one can
I can feel these curtains closin'
I go to open 'em

But something pulls 'em closed again
(Hello darkness, my old friend)
Feels like I'm loathing in Las Vegas
Haven't got the vaguest, why I'm so lost?
But I'd make you this small wager
If I bet you, I'll be in tomorrow's paper
Who would the odds favor?
I'm so much like my father

You would think that I knew him
I keep pacin' this room valium
Then chase it with booze
One little taste it'll do
Maybe I'll take and snooze
Then tear up the stage in a few
Fuck the Colt 45, I'ma need somethin' stronger
If I pop any caps, it better be off of vodka
Rounder after round after round
I'm gettin' loaded
That's a lot of shots, huh?

I don't wanna be alone
In the darkness
I don't wanna be alone
In the darkness anymore

Now I'm starin' at the room service menu off a Benzo
I can hear the music continue to crescendo
I can see the whole fuckin' venue from my window
That's when you know you're schizo

'Cause I keep peakin' out the curtain from the hotel
The music is so loud, but it's almost as though
I don't hear no sound, I should get ready for the show now
Wait is this the whole crowd? I thought this shit was sold out
But it's only the opening act, it's early, don't overreact
Then something told me relax and just hope for the show to be packed

Don't wanna hit the stage before they fill each row to the max
'Cause that'd be totally wacked
You can't murder a show nobody's at, but what if nobody shows?
Panic mode 'bout to snap and go motherfuckin' wacko at any second

'Bout to cancel the show, just as fans below rush the entrance
Pan is a go to wreck shit, cameras in all directions
The press is about to go ape shit bananas on all the networks

Commando with extra clips, I got ammo for all the hecklers
I'm armed to the teeth, another valium
Fall off the bed, hit the ground and crawl to the dresser
Alcohol on my breath as I reach for the scope
I'm blackin' out, I'm all out of meds with them benzodiazepines gone

Now it's just magazines sprawled out on the floor
Fuck the media, I'm goin' all out, this is war
(Hello darkness, my old friend)

And I don't wanna be
Alone in the darkness
I don't wanna be
Alone in the darkness
I don't wanna be

Alone in the darkness anymore
People start to show up, time to start the show up
It's 10:05 PM and the curtain starts to go up
And I'm already sweatin' but I'm locked and loaded
For rapid fire spittin' for all the concert goers
Scopes for sniper vision, surprise from out of nowhere
As I slide the clip in from inside the hotel

Leanin' out the window, going Kaiser Sosay
Finger on the trigger but I'm a licensed owner
With no prior convictions, so loss the sky's the limit so
My supplies infinite, strapped like I'm a solider
Got 'em hopping over walls and climbing fences
Some of them John Travolta, staying alive by inches
Cops are knockin', oh, fuck, thought I blocked the entrance
Guess show time is over no suicide note

Just a note for target distance
But if you'd like to know the reason why I did this
You'll never find a motive, truth is I have no idea
I am just as stumped, no signs of mental illness
Just tryin' to show ya the reason why we're so fucked
'Cause by the time it's over, won't make the slightest difference
(Hello darkness, my old friend)

And I don't wanna be
Alone in the darkness
I don't wanna be
Alone in the darkness
I don't wanna be
Alone in the darkness anymore